Various Subsets of Bicyclists

I thought this article was well organized, easy to follow, and incredibly funny. I like how the author not only uses satirically describes the different types of bikers, but the way he describes them is incredibly onĀ  point. I automatically had the picture of the urban cyclist in my head when describing them as pretentious or that they use bikes because its a trendy way of getting around. The author was trying to make fun of the bikers in a not so subtle way, but he was also being serious that there are so many people that fit into these categories. I also thought it was funny there were specific types of people who disliked each category, as if their quirks annoyances didn’t annoy every type of person. I feel like each category of biker secretly hates at least one of the other kinds of bikers. For example, I think the Urban biker secretly hates the lone wolf because he lacks a sense of fashion when riding a bike and has a different kind of coolness.

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