Discussion of Sources for 3

I didn’t have to use many outside sources or articles for this project, but instead used personal experiences. I have lived in Huntington Beach for almost my entire life and I have witnessed or done the things mentioned in my presentations. I have seen the ghost bikes on the side of the road and talked with some of the people who have been hit on bikes. I have gathered this information over the years and many of the pictures displayed were taken my me.

Class 10

I thought the jump bike was amazing and, in my opinion, more efficient than the Ford bike! First of all, I love the color. Next, I thought it rode better than the Ford bike. Ford Go bikes are very heavy, while the Jump bike was much lighter and easier to maneuver. The way the gears shift was also a lot better and I found it cool how it was somewhat electric. What also impressed me was that the locking system was much simpler than the one created by Ford, yet it was so much more efficient. More people steal Go bikes because users fail to lock it properly, and then they have to replace it. The simple lock on the Jump bike is way more efficient and even if a bike does get stolen, the GPS on the bike makes it easier to find. I was overall very impressed with this company.

speaking center project 2

The speaking center is actually a really cool place. It’s a small conference room on the lower levels of the library where you get a one-on-one session with the worker. The woman I had was a young biology undergrad. She just read over my outline and made small suggestions as to what I should change and Incorporate into my essay. We only met for 15 minutes and she answered any questions I had. Although the session was not long, it was pretty beneficial and I would schedule another appointment for both public speaking and rhetoric.

Reflection Project 3

I was pretty happy with this presentation and it was one of my favorites to present. I tried not to read off of a script and speak more fluidly, which I did to some extent. I did end up looking back and reading the screen multiple times, but I did so less than my other presentations. I was initially afraid that my speech was going to be too short, but I think I fulfilled the time slot pretty well. When writing this, I was afraid I would have been too vague on the biking aspect of my community, but I was able to explain much better than I originally thought. I was overall satisfied with my presentation and really enjoyed speaking about my hometown. Hopefully next time I can speak more fluid and be even less reliant on my notes.

Module 3 reading post 3

I have worked and sacrificed for my Model United Nations

We spend up to a month a half researching and writing speeches, preparing notes working up the courage to verbally fight people for a chance at 1st place

We stay up all hours of the night and speak on two topics for almost two days

We leave covered in sweat, with blisters on our feet from heels and chaffing on our sides from suits and pencil skirts

Pg 5. “It obliges most of its players to renounce personal ambition for a tiny handful of leaders” We not only compete against strangers from other schools, but also with friends from your own class. By our second year, the best of the best are praised while the others must fight for a spot at the top.

Arrangement for Project 3

The main point: Display the aspects of Huntington Beach. Talk about the people, what they do, what kind of communities they offer, and my experience with the different communities in the area

Key Supporting Details:

  • The high school and middle schools offer a variety of communities students can join. They are not limited to just one
  • Even for those who are out of school, the city itself provides communities, such as Vans skate park for skaters, a club for people with antique cars, and biking clubs.
  • Biking in Huntington Beach is really popular, especially in the summers, but it can be quite unsafe. There have been numerous hit and runs where people have been seriously injured or killed. It is also common for students to get hit by speeding cars on their way to school due to narrow bike lanes

Take Away:

  • Huntington Beach is overall a great place to live, but people must be careful of bike paths seeing as they have not been updated for a long time.

Peer Review for Project 3

I think that project 3 was the most memorable out of all the speeches we have given. Everyone was so passionate about what they had to talk about and I really enjoyed it. I thought the pictures Justin displayed of the Philippines were beautiful and the way he described his visit when he was 12 was well presented. I really loved how Aaron described how much he loved his work and how it was basically his home! I could tell he really cared about what he does and that it was so much more than a job. Justin also gave a really good presentation about design, and it showed through his powerpoint that he’s is really good at his major. I would also like to add that I really enjoyed Devyn’s presentation on how she found such a great group of friends through Muscat Scholars.

Write out Project 2

Restaurants, cafes, street carts and vendors. What do they all have in common? They provide us with unique foods of all cultures while providing a different way of receiving them.

NPR: provides an article on the upcoming food bike.

  • More credible in the sense that it offers more content and outside sources.
  • Provides pictures taken by the author instead of taken from online.
  • Provides statistics that show the food bike is more cost effective than a food truck
  • Includes more than a dozen quotes from happy customers who have just bought this bike or have been using it for over a decade

Icicle Tricicle: Company that actually manufactures the food bike.

  • Does not have any statistics or quotes
  • Provides more than a dozen pictures of happy customers whom they’ve sold bikes to
  • Offers a lot of facts and positivity about the bike
  • No outside sources to back up claims

Both make a convincing argument as to why the food bike is the next popular way of delivering food, but one does so better than the other.

Project 3 Write out

When people think of beach towns, they usually imagine palm trees everywhere, surfers walking throughout town at all hours of the day, and people playing beach volleyball on a warm day. They are not wrong. In Huntington Beach, this is a commonality and a way of life for the people who have spent their entire lives here. Biking is a very big part of the city’s culture. We have bike paths that span for miles north and south. We have roughly ten trails in the city alone and provide bike rentals for locals and tourists to use year round. People on foot are also very friendly towards bikers. They are willing to share the sidewalk if traffic is too crazy, and will even shaka to you as a sign of respect. Unfortunately, the main streets are not incredibly bike friendly. We have had multiple incidences where students have been hit by cars while riding to school and have experienced multiple hit and runs.  Huntington Beach has a wide variety groups and communities people call their own. We have multiple theater groups for those interested in the arts, numerous sports clubs, clubs for old men who love cars, environmental clubs, and so much more. I was lucky enough to be accepted by a variety of communities. I identified as an athlete, musician, debater, environmentalist, etc, and I am so happy to say my town is proactive in accepting different communities.

Individual Conference Post

I thought my individual conference went really well. Professor Hunt was able to show me that I was too reliant on my notes, which made my presentation less personal. I was able to see that I was somewhat disengaged from the audience because I was too focused on reading my presentation word for word. This meeting also helped me with my presentation for my next project. I knew I wanted to write about my hometown but did not know how to go about it. Should I focus on the people? Should I pinpoint unique aspects of the town itself? At this meeting, I figured out that I had to focus on all of the above while tying in the bike culture.