February 26, 2018

Food and Social Habits

My family doesn’t exactly have one set kind of food or meal that is very common in our family or culture.  We tend to try to mix our meals and dinners up regularly, but if I were to categorize the majority of our foods it would be American. We do make foods from other cultures sometimes such as Mexican, Italian, or maybe even South American food. However, for the most part, our family foods consist of American meals.

As far as cultural status in our society based off of the foods we eat, I would like to say we are pretty average. We don’t have five-star filet mignons every single night and we definitely don’t just order pizza every single night. We have a relatively good balance of the two I would say. During holidays we tend to have fancier dinners, and on “lazy nights” such as perhaps a Friday night when none of us have the energy to cook, we may order pizza for dinner. Other than that, our average weekday meals are average American dinners such as some kind of meat, whether it be chicken, pork, or steak, etc.  and some kind of side with it.

Foods and eating habits can sometimes shape social norms and identities for some people. For example, wealthier people may tend to have healthier and more expensive dinners more often. Such as a filet mignon that my family may only have on occasion like holiday meals, wealthier families usually tend to have this more often, at least according to the stereotype. A family that might not be as wealthy however is typically viewed as having fast-food more often and maybe easier to prepare dinners, such as a frozen dinner that simply just needs to be put in the oven or microwave. Our society has seemed to shape our social class and financial status around the kind of foods we eat in that the more wealth we have, the healthier and more expensive foods we eat. Vice versa in that stereotypically, less fortunate families eat unhealthy foods more often and much cheaper meals.

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