March 26, 2018

Critiquing Education

Throughout my entire life and my educational experience, I feel as though class, race, and culture have all aided in well rounding my understanding for other individuals everywhere I go. I have always lived in a fairly diverse community and never found myself in any educational scenarios that were clearly divided by class, race, or culture. Especially since coming to USF, I believe¬†I’ve always had a very well balance of exposure to many different cultures. It’s affected my individual learning by giving me a bigger picture to look at and has made me less narrow-minded. I have always found myself very interested in learning about different cultures and I always respect and enjoy¬†learning about new beliefs or ideas from people I have met throughout my entire life.

For example, back at home, I have a lot of Hispanic friends. As far as I can think of, I have more friends that I could consider my “best friends” that are Hispanic than any other race. After moving here and meeting my roommates, I found that one of them was from Guam. This was a completely new culture for me, but I have found him and his other friends he knows at USF that are also from Guam, to become some of my best friends here on campus. I have constantly found myself surrounded by different cultures, race, and social classes my entire life and I have always loved it. I love learning about them and becoming very familiar with them. To be honest, I could honestly say I find other cultures and people from differing social classes or races than my own to be more friendly and welcoming than the people I may fall under the same category with.

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