3 Questions with Double Major Chris Sayas

Portrait of student Christopher SayasSenior Chris Sayas is a double major in Design and History. Chris spoke to us about why he feels the two can complement each other and how history inform his designs.


What inspired you to take on a double major in History and Design?

The two worlds of both the modern and the past have always interested me. Often times they are placed seemingly at odds with one another yet they all too often intertwined and interconnected to each other. Design can give me the opportunity to create something unique and fresh while history has given me the inspiration to create something for the future. By studying history a designer can better understand past decisions made and give a new perspective on how other people think and operate. Through understanding history we better recognize and give a new appreciation of our own humanity.

How has your history major background influenced your design process?

My background with history has allowed me to have a deeper grasp of design and how to approach multiple design challenges. History allows the designer a better understanding that is more holistic in approach. Rather than just knowing the facts, history has allowed me to be more cognizant of past knowledge that I can then use to expand and build upon. Theories and work already completed in the past can serve not just as a sort of mental map but more importantly a base to which to build off, develop, and mature ideas that then can transform into design.

Cover of Christopher Saya's Animal Table Magazine

Saya’s “Animal Table” Magazine for Publication Design.























What is you favorite part of being in the design program at USF?

Being in the design program at USF offers a different kind of community that is both compassionate and supportive. The small size of the major allows one to get to know a relatively large part of people within the community which allows for the design group to profit from a personal understanding and professional design advice.



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