Bicycle Cafe

Stumbled upon this bicycle coffeeshop today on Divisadero, it has a chill vibe with a lot of wooden/rustic looking tables, and the back has a shop for bicycle parts. It was a good edition to the other coffeeshops I’ve been finding lately, as I’m out of Flexi and have no reason to be in the cafe for long periods of time, so exploring is the move. There are a lot of cool places to see, so I’d recommend always trying to find a new place.

Rendell Response

I thought Rendell’s perspective was an interesting one, and wasn’t aware of the nature of those relationships in Bicycle racing. There are always times within communities or groups where individual sacrifice is beneficial for everyone else, or vice versa. However, sometimes it can be revealing to see those sacrifices as opportunities for different experiences or new knowledge. When one member of a band solos, the others often have to focus more on maintaining a stable rhythm rather than being more creative with added fills and flourishes, which some may see as a sacrifice of artistic freedom. Nevertheless, the experience of playing a more foundational role in the composition can also be creatively stimulating by giving the musician a better understanding of the importance of such a role in relation to the rest of the band. This could also be an opportunity to display more energy and stage presence, given the easier and more simplistic tracks one might have to maintain. In any situation regarding the relationship between individual and team, the success of the ultimate product gives meaning to these sacrifices.

Audience Speech Ideas

I’m going to talk about my approach as an artist to performing for different audiences that I’ve encountered in the shows I’ve played through the years.

-3 different shows
-“sunrise tragic” garage shows/fubar and cicero’s
-making noise to get attention/projecting as much energy as possible
-acoustic fire while camping/small groups
-chill, mellow backdrop, allow for conversation, audience interaction and participation
-old folks home
-invoking emotion in a more lowkey way


As a “speaker” of music (musician) I do consider the implications of my audience in creating music. Because I’m not a professional artist, my audience can probably be condensed to friends and family, and whoever else has access to my music, and these are the people for whom I make music. However, on a larger scale, and perhaps with some more effort to spread and promote my music, my audience might come to include people who listen a specific genre of music that is similar to mine, or people that are in the same state of being/mood that my music lends itself most well to. At this point, the music I make, and the feeling/atmosphere I create, shape my potential listeners. My only hope is to genuinely convey whatever feeling/atmosphere I want a song to have, and hope that people who resonate with that vibe will think that I’ve created it in an authentic and unique way.

Bike Helmet Ted Talks-Visual Evidence

The use of visual evidence in the two talks differed strongly in their effects. The pro-helmet speaker relied heavily on text and bullet points, with a similar format running throughout all the slides. This yielded little added strength to his argument, overstimulating the language part of the brain rather than making his point clearer. The wide variety of ads, images, text, statistics, and quotes employed by the second speaker added a lot to his presentation, illustrating his points in different, easy-to-understand ways. There was also an added level of creativity in the car-safety ads that he made, which combined the statistical similarities between the effects of cars and cigarettes, another parallel that strengthened his argument.