Project 1 Self-Assessment!

Reflecting upon my first project, there were few aspects of my speech that I felt confident in and more aspects that I felt needed improvement. For my project I assessed Nathan Ball’s credibility from his video, “Can a Bike Power a Blender?” After much research on my speaker, I know that one thing I did well was have a solid understanding of the information that I was presenting, but despite having all of the information, I know I could definitely improve on my delivery style. When I present, I find myself being more comfortable when I hold something while I speak, such as a paper. Yet, sometimes I find myself being too dependent on reading off of my paper and this can cause me to lose my audience’s interest if I do not seem engaged with them. In order to improve in the aspect of captivating my audience, I know I must work on my ability to not rely on a paper, or script, while presenting my speech. Once I can independently deliver a speech, I believe I can exude the right amount of passion to keep listeners interested.

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