Conservatory Expedition!!!

Last Sunday was the first time I have ridden my bike outside of our class’s bike expeditions. I chose to visit the Conservatory of Flowers, since it was an especially sunny and beautiful day! Toembark on my journey, I rode my bike with some friends and we took a different route than our class’s usual route to Golden Gate Park. We decided to ride down Fulton as opposed to going through the Panhandle. We rode down Fulton all the way until we hit 6th Avenue. From 6th avenue, we made a left into Golden Gate Park. To my surprise, the usual roller skate park area was extremely busy with people. The mini roller skate track seemed to be really popular on the weekends! There was a diverse crowd of individuals of all backgrounds and ages, and these people were skating and dancing at the same time to music. This event seemed to attract a large crowd as well. There are noticeable disparities between the activity we typically witness in Golden Gate during our class sessions on Tuesdays and the sunny Sunday afternoons. From the roller skate park, we turned left to head towards the Conservatory, which was our final destination and also noticed many people laying out and picnicking in the grass we have ridden by many times. Overall, there is a lot more activity to be noticed while riding through Golden Gate Park during a sunny weekend than what we see in our Tuesday classes.


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