Speaking Center Post 1

On Monday, I had my first appointment in the speaking center with my coach, Monique Miranda. I had nothing prepared for my speech except interview questions from my did, which I planned on making the main topic of my speech. I went to the Speaking Center for some form of guidance with my speech since I was completely unsure of what I wanted to do yet. So first with my coach, we took the most important, or interesting, points of the interview with my dad. From there we outlined and organized the points in order and found two articles from our class, “Using and Citing Evidence to Construct and Support Arguments” By Joseph Zompetti and “Understanding Data Visualization” By Krista Schnell. With those two articles, I related the ideas from the interview. My coach also encouraged me to make my google slides presentation as a visual aid for my speech. I was hesitant at first because I was not sure how I could smoothly incorporate a visual aid into my project, but ultimately we figured it out. This was an overall enriching meeting and really helped me with my speech.


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