Speaking Center Post

For my second speaking center visit, I intended on delivering my speech and debriefing it, but since we did not end up presenting on Tuesday before, I was given extra time to prepare it. I gave my speech to my speaking center coach and realized that I felt uncomfortable with the google slides presentation I had prepared. I also found myself not having being as confident as I would have liked to be while delivering my speech. In order to fix both of those issues, my coach had me repeatedly rehearse my speech. To gain more confidence, I just had to practice several times to be comfortable with my information that I was sharing. With knowing all of my information for my speech, all I had to do was improve the delivery. My coach also helped me figure out how to make my transitions and incorporation of slides smoother and less awkward. Once we got past finding smooth transitions, I was ready for my speech, thanks to my coach Chloe Jones!

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