Project 5 Outline

Outline for Video 5:

  • Our 14 mile bike ride.
  1. Devyn and I tell all of our friends about how we biked 14 miles in this class on one day.
  2. Made us feel empowered and like we could do anything.
  3. Biked all down Market Street with our playlists. – I ran out of good songs to play that’s how long I felt we were biking.
  4. Passed the thingy that counts how many bikers ride by.
  5. Talk about how close we felt to the cars and busses
  6. Kyle takes a tumble.
  7. Humphry Slowcombre chain our bikes all together- we get brown butter ice cream
  8. Workers were frustrated- Devyn held tiger
  9. Bike down to bow and arrow look at bridge- we can ride on sidewalk
  10. Rode by the water
  11. Get at UCSF
    and met the Dr. Doug Bauer
  12. Discussed arthritis and bikers
  13. Professor Hunt asked me to explain my project on evidence to Dr. Doug Bauer.
  14. We started our journey back
  15. Can’t remember that  much about it because we were tired
  16. There was a street where the lights would change at certain time intervals so bikers would not have to wait.
  17. Pushed bike up the hill to USF because we were so tired.
  18. Bragged to everyone about our journey.

(collaboration with Lexie)

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