Project 5 Reflection

This project was a particularly fun one to create. I really enjoyed the idea of a collaboration video as it was a little different from other ideas. It resembled YouTubers that actually work together in real life to combine sources and to establish more credibility. It was beneficial because working along with someone also aided me in gaining new insights or perspectives on an bike ride that I also experienced, but maybe in a different way. In the video Lexie and I made, I also felt like my delivery style was better than my speeches in class. This is because I did not rely on reading directly off of a script, instead I was more “extemporaneous” in that I just gave a “speech” based on memorizing knowledge and presenting it more naturally. I could still definitely work on my delivery style, but I am proud and happy about the fact that I was not completely dependent on reading an exact script of what I wanted to say!

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