Project 5 Write Out

Hey what’s up? It’s your favorite YouTube Duo. Lexie and Devyn! (emphasize YouTube voice in intro). We are going to talk about our 14-mile bike ride! We will discuss some highlights! We chose to talk about this because this bike ride has been our favorite topic of discussion! We would tell all of our friends about that one time we rode 14 miles! This bike ride was empowering and liberating! We biked down market street. As we biked down Market Street, we noticed that there were no barriers between the bikes and cars and buses, so we got pretty close with them. But luckily we all got off pretty well! Except for our dear friend Kyle, who took a little tumble. So our good professor, Professor Jonathan Hunt, once said that when there are these cable car tracks, it is very important to walk your bike across them! As they are pretty dangerous. Yet Kyle did not listen to Professor Hunt’s warning and he thought he would be able to ride over them, resulting in a disaster! It’s okay because he got back up and pretended it didn’t happen! But unfortunately since Lexie and I are slow, we were in the back and saw it happen. We ended up being rewarded with some Humphrey Slowcombre ice-cream right after though. Before we could go in, we chained up all of our classmates’ bikes together. In our class, we have learned how to properly lock up a single bike, but now we learned how to lock up many bikes! And our whole class got ice-cream! After, we biked the bow and arrow, and rode on the sidewalk across the bridge. We then went to UCSF to listen to Dr. Doug Bauer talk about his research on arthritis and its relation to bicyclists and people as they age. He mentioned that it was part of his job to generate evidence which was an interesting point as we have been mostly collecting evidence in class. An overall enriching experience! We also related this back to our evidence gathering in the Panhandle and how these skills can be beneficial for our future careers. Then we embarked on our journey back to school, which was longer than expected. It was worth it, we hope you guys join us on our next ride! Thanks for watching! Make sure if you liked this video to like, subscribe, and comment below!

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