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In real life, a piece of white paper with a black spot is displayed in front of us, attracted our attention is often black spots instead of white paper, which may be our instincts, it may be used to worship. But whether it is instinct or habits, and ultimately reflects the formation of a long-term thinking. we call for “stereotype”

In social psychology, a stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. These thoughts or beliefs may or may not accurately reflect reality. However, this is only a fundamental psychological definition of a stereotype. Give a simple example. If you look at two photos, a photo of the handsome, elegant; another photo of the ugly, vulgar.One of the two is the criminals, to indicate who is the criminal, probably will not hesitate.

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shaking the body and baring teeth and increasing his voice





In the 20th century, people create many useful items, such as: telephone, computer, television … … these items make modern human very convenient to do some things.

In my view, social media change my life greatly. sometimes I try to recall that boring life, at the time I had no cell phone no WECHAT, stay in the room stared at the TV show all weekend. as the time gone by, I got my first cell phone, it was my 15 years old, I am so supervised, I never thought that my parent will buy a cell phone as my birthday gift. when I got my phone, I keep my friends and my parent’ s phone number. in the weekend, I will call them hang out or something like that, in the afternoon my mother always call me back, some years later, WECHAT is published, that is more convince. I am in the USA, I always face time with my parents and friends. Email and text got rid of the fax. Mobile phones made the boundaries of the workspace more fluid. Apps unleashed access to information from the cloud, across any device.

No-one could argue that technology does not make our lives easier, or that technology has not been one of the great liberators in the history of humankind.We should hope for continued advances in this liberating sort of technology, particularly in technologies that allow for advances in ‘new work’. At the same time we should explore the impact of technological advances on thought.

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