Mar 5, 2018

Reimaging Educational Practices

In an article I read from Steven C. Ward, he mentions how college rankings create a “consumer sovereignty” where the college applicants and in demand professors use the college ranking to help determine which university they want to attend or work for.  This is very true in our world today, these ranking constitutes a numerical value to quantify amorphous things like “excellence” or “world class.”  So the higher the ranking the more attraction and applications the university generates.  Although these rankings are flawed, numerous schools across the country are renowned for things that those rankings don’t factor in.  I’ve been told that it doesn’t matter the school, what matters is what you make out of it.  At University of San Francisco, it may not be one of the top Universities in the country but I can still generate success after attending because I put the effort in, and our college rankings cannot quantify that for status-seeking college students and parents to know.

Ward. S. (2014, October 2). What do University Rankings Actually Mean? Retrieved from

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