Mar 26, 2018

Q: In what ways have class, culture, and race affected your individual learning? Discuss with examples their implications in your or your family’s life.

R: Being Asian-American,  I can say the stereotype that Asian parents are strict with school work is true.  I was always pressured to do the best and excel in school and extracurriculars.   My mom was lucky enough to come to America and still be able to attend high school and college, but for my aunties and uncles that wasn’t the case.  Financially, they were struggling because they couldn’t get good paying jobs since their English wasn’t too great. That pushed my cousins and me to study that much harder in school so that colleges would accept them and give grants and scholarships to pay off college expenses and such.  With my cousins we were all constantly compared to one another when my cousin got a full ride scholarship to a very prestigious college that I didn’t even get accepted in, there were massive amounts of shame from my parents, relatives, and grandmother. This made me alter my learning techniques and study habits.   Our aunties and uncles also pushed us even harder with school work because they didn’t want all their hard work to go to waste.  They want us to have a better life and future.  my race, class, and culture have affected my learning experience growing up.

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