Feb 21, 2018

Living in the Bay Area my whole life exposed me to a great deal of diversity in many aspects of life: racial, financial, religious, etc.  So even though I was different from my peers, I wasn’t out of place because we were all different, but regardless, people still tended to section certain people into groups and gravitate towards people they looked like or had similarities with, tokenization at its finest.

My parents are Asain immigrants and my appearance brings up a lot of stereotypes to people’s minds.  Because I am Asian I was tokenized to be very smart and to be an overachiever who eats dogs or other odd animals for dinner.  Although it was quite the opposite. I struggled with school all my life and sometimes fell behind and didn’t know what to do or how to ask for help.  I had to keep up with a persona that wasn’t mine and create a facade of who they thought I was.  It was a very inaccurate depiction of who I really was, and it hindered my potential because I would sometimes fall into conforming to what they perceived me as and lose sight of my own individual identity.


Feb 16, 2018

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Feb 12, 2018

My audio essay will be mine, and my family’s perspective on my cousin coming out to us.  I am going to touch on social identities pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community.  I want to start off mentioning how we are a traditional Catholic Filipino family that go to church every Sunday and attend Catholic schools all our lives.  Once I introduce my family, I will share my perspective of her coming out and my support for her and then segway into my family focusing more on my mom and dad and my aunties and uncles since they are more old-school and traditional.  In my audio essay, I want to also point out the time my cousin introduced us to her girlfriend at our Christmas celebration and how she also had a daughter.  This was a big pill for everyone to swallow and made it a little harder for everyone to accept.  My audio essay will shed a light on how every day the LGBTQ+ community struggles with their identities out in public and within their own families.

February 9, 2018


I have yet to think in depth what topics I wanted to cover in my audio essay about identities.  I am not as informed and well-versed in heavy topics like racial identity or social identity.  I tend to stray away from controversial topics like those and focus on more light-hearted things such as keeping up with my favorite artists and when their new music is coming out or fashion and what my favorite celebrity icons are wearing.  All my favorite artists express how they have struggled with their identities and how to share their perspective on life in their music or on their social media. So I have been exposed to gender inequality, racial injustice, and hate towards the LGBTQ+ community but that was it.  I sympathized and connected with their music but never delved deeper into the root of the problem and really get to understand in a deeper sense what they really go through. So to really grasp what I plan on saying in my audio essay I will need to do my research beforehand so I can get some background information to base my essay on.  I do know that I want to touch on social identity for the LGBTQ+ community and how they make a statement in today’s society because that does hit home for me.  I have family members and close friends who do struggle with their identity and sexuality in the workplace, with family, and in life in general.  I also want to touch on racial identities focusing on the minorities because I myself am a part of the “minority” group and I want to share how we make a name for ourselves in today’s society.



My literary essay will be in my point of view and how I am witnessed racial and social identities evolve and become more prominent in our society. I want to touch on how the LGBTQ+ community made a name for itself especially living in San Francisco where they have their own little town in the big city and how my family and close friends struggle with their identities internally and externally. I initially wanted to talk about both racial and social identities, but to really express a concise story and emotion, it is best to talk about just social identities.  I will try to shed some light on racial identities in my story.

Feb 7, 2018

Audio Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to effectively tell a story about identity, cultural, and racial stereotypes using our voice and sound effects.  Some strengths I might have to better convey my point of view and perspective using my voice and tone and utilizing sound effects to draw the audience into my story.  My biggest challenge for the assignment is the writing itself, not the audio because I am not the strongest writer and I have difficulty with expressing my thoughts clearly and cohesively for a professional essay.  To combat my challenge I can go to the Writing Center or even talk to my professor and peers for more inspiration.  This assignment is different from my past assignments where I presented my writing with a visual essay, and I am excited to explore what this audio essay assignment can teach me.

Feb 5, 2018

I started off briefly skimming through everyone’s responses so my response summary will be based on a couple of my peers’ responses.  All our responses were very similar in formatting and viewpoint.  We summarized the main point of the short story and brought up a couple points that really stood out to us and elaborated on these points.  We all felt sad after reading “Black and Blue” since the author had unpleasant experiences walking around his neighborhood.  In Nicole’s response, I agreed with how there is some truth in stereotypes but people are breaking them every day. There are some benefits of posting our writings for our peers to read because we can learn from them and get a sense of different writing styles to broaden our writing skills, and I’m sure my peers feel the same way.

January 26

Meaning of Name Assignment:

My name is Dahlia Yu Urrutia. My last name is Portuguese and my middle name is my mother’s last name which is Chinese. I was named Dahlia by my parents because they were really into planting and making their frontward and backyard really colorful with flowers and plants. While my mother was pregnant with me they planted dahlias in the front yard and towards the end of her pregnancy the dahlias started the blossom and it made the yard look so vibrant and colorful.

Seeing all the different types of dahlias in our yard made me really proud to have my name, but that wasn’t the case for my last name. It was very hard to pronounce and people would easily butcher my last name. Not only that but it was at the end of the alphabet so I was always at the end of the line while all my friends were all together at the beginning of the line since their last names started with earlier letters. I wished I could change is to my grandmother’s last name because it was next to all my friends and it was much easier to pronounce. As time passed and I didn’t have to line up alphabetically anymore I started to get over it. People still would butcher my last name but a simple correction sufficied and I started to become grateful for my last name and the history behind it. After saying my name so many times meeting new people in the university or at work I started to really appreciate my name and noticed it did has a nice ring to it:

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