Speaking Center Appt. #5

For my Final Speaking center appt. I went in as I need some help with the content on my speech. Specifically just finding the right words and having an effective opening and closing remarks. In addition to this, I was able to run through my speech and practice standing up.

Speaking Center Appt. #4

For my speech advocacy I met with Sameer as he helped me a ton. Going into this speech, I really did not know what to talk about as this was a more personal, deeper topic. My meeting with Sameer was strictly brainstorming and to help spark ideas. The meeting was really productive as he helped me greatly in developing ideas and making personal connections.

Speaking Center Appt. #3

I worked on Speech number 3 Audience with Sophia at the speaking center. During this session she helped me with my delivery, visual, content along with the visual aid. She helped look over my presentation and made suggestions regarding the opening and closing remarks.

Speaking Center Appt #1

On March 7, 2017 I went down to the speaking center and met with Tiffany to work on my speech number 2, which was the benefits of cycling. During our session, I showed her my presentation and visual aid and went through it once. She then gave me feedback in regards to the delivery and helped make my visual aids more clear with less content. This session helped me a lot in making my slides more concise with less text. In addition to that, I was able to practice my delivery and really be familiar with the content. 

S4 – Reflection / Self Assessment

For my S4, I wanted to do something different, something uncomfortable and different from my normal presentations. For this project I tried to just go off ideas rather than having slides. Regarding my performance, I thought I did an okay job. I could’ve done better with my delivery along with my interaction with the audience. I was not able to memorize the whole thing as it was a specific message and language that I wanted to use. If I could change anything about my performance I would like to improve having more eye contact and less dependent on my script. Doing that would change the dynamic of so many things.Overall, I think my speaking skills have jumped a bunch and learned a lot of things about public speaking. I hope to gain better confidence and have words come out easier and natural as I continue to learn.