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Li Li, Management Major

Li LI StudentName: LI LI

Major(s), Minor(s), Program(s): Management

Previous Major (s), Minor(s), Program(s): business admin

What attracted you to your initial major(s) and minor(s)?:

preference to work in a business environment

What inspired you to change programs?:

more inter-person communications

What do you like best about your current major(s) and minor(s)?:

more personal communications

What is most challenging about your current major(s) and minor(s)?:

building relationships with strangers

What sort of internship and career opportunities have you explored?:

have not worked too much on it

What sort of extracurricular activities have your participated in?:

some cross-cultural projects from some college classes

What resources helped you with your exploration journey?:

courses at school and online resources

What advice do you have for students exploring majors?

Try to do more researches related to the major and actually getting into some organizations or groups

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