Feb 27th in class writing

we are group 3

we have Shuai, Serene, Jiapeng


chinas total population is 1367485388, which makes it the worlds most populous country.

women are 48.6% of chinas population


chinas gender imbalance is expected to leave at least 30 million men of marriageable age single by 2020.

women are marrying later, with the mean average for women at 25 years old in 2015, compared to 23 years old in 2011.

many advantaged women and less advantaged  men now remain single because many traditionally believe men should be more educated than their wives.

almost 50% of highly educated women are unmarried, 10,1% higher than the percentage of unmarried and highly educated men.


more women are college educated than before

representation of women in higher education has steadily increased in the past decade.

in 2013, over half(50.7%) of enrolled students in tertiary education were women.

women represented just over half(50.7%) of tertiary graduates in 2013.


in 2013 survey, more than 72% of women stated they were not hired or prompted due to gender discrimination.

women  earn on average 35% less than men for doing similar work, ranking the bottom third of the global gender gap index.

womens average annual income lags behind mens. women earn just over two thirds of mens income in urban areas, and just over half of mens income in rural areas.

Feb 22th in class writing

1) The chickens on campus play a famous role for our school, they make us unique.       
Type:  CS
–>The chickens on campus play a famous role for our school, making us unique.
2) What if the chickens laid eggs and hid them somewhere they would get left behind.      
Type: R
–>What if the chickens laid eggs and hid them somewhere, they would get left behind. 
3) The chickens bring laughter to our students, without them we’d be an ordinary school.               
Type: CS
–>The chickens bring laughter to our students.Without them we’d be an ordinary school.
4) I remember, after my first class I was leading out to the bookstore unfortunately, I stepped on the chickens’ dump.    
Type: CS
–>I remember, after my first class, I was leading out to the bookstore. Unfortunately, I stepped on the chickens’ dump. 
5) Right now there many chickens living freely on campus but many professors don’t want chickens.  
Type: R
–>Right now there are many chickens living freely on campus, but many professors don’t want chickens.  
6) Chickens should not be allowed to live freely on the campus because they cause stinky odors make noise and no one wants to clean after.          
Type: R
–>Chickens should not be allowed to live freely on the campus, because they cause stinky odors, make noise and no one wants to clean after. 
7) Anytime students want to lie down on the lawn they need a place that look clean and have a fresh air therefore they can not take a nap or study.      
Type: R
–>Anytime students want to lie down on the lawn, they need a place that look clean and have a fresh air. Therefore they can not take a nap or study. 
8)  But I strongly disagree with that opinion, chickens should not be allowed on campus at all.      
Type: CS
–> I strongly disagree with that opinion. Chickens should not be allowed on campus at all.
9) During the time students are in the lab if the chickens make a lot a noise the students won’t focus to do their job.  
–> During the time, students are in the lab. If the chickens make a lot a noise, the students won’t focus to do their job.
10) In conclusion, if the chickens live freely on campus because students let them live free then these students should clean the chickens mess.   
Type: R

Feb 10th in class writing

group members: shuai, eric, qiaojian hu

in the English languages, the word black is linked to negative staff. such as black hand society, and black  market and black cat means back luck. and i believe the foreigner speaker could understand those connection. for example, in china, we also call black market as black market. black hand society as black hand society. just completely same way to call those staff with same meaning.

Essay 1 free writing

chinese is my first language, because i was born in chinese, i dont know how do i learned chinese. english is my second language, l learned it from kid garden until now, my english is suck when i am in china, even though i learned many years and i still afraid to speak. but in 2012, i was go abroad to the united states, the most important one is language, because it is a skill to communicate to other people, also have to use english to learn college course, such as math, physiology, biology, astronomy and so on. so learning english is out first priority. when i first enter the us, i am afraid to speak to other people, only i 100 percentage sure he or she is chinese, then i can walk up to say hi. my college esl teacher always heard we talked chinese in class, so she said, english only, no chinese. who speak all english in chass, i will give extra credit to him. since that time, i practice to speak english every time when i studying in the class, after one semester, i felt my english was so much better than before. i have confidence to speak to some, not afraid like before.

Feb3 In-class Writing

red face/open mouse/keep silent/speak loudly/changing voice


As a boy, social media effect my family so much since 4th grade until now. I remember the first phone i got is when I was in 4th grade primary school, it is samsung anycall, which is my mom ex-phone and she didn’t use anymore, so she give it to me. From that time i have to rely on my cell phone. I always use my cell phone to call my mom after I finish my school. Then she come to pick me up and take me to restaurant to have dinner. Due to my mom was to busy, so she cannot pick me up everyday, only can come when she has free time. While my mom cannot come to pick me, i have to wait bus and send text message I am in the bus, don’t worry. However, I was studying in the us now and my parent still live in China. it is impossible to meet my parent face to face. but we do use smart phone to keep in touch. When i miss my parent or my parent need to talk to me, I can use Wechat to send video chat, once they accept my video chat request.  We can both saw each other as well. I believe most international student doing that, especially for Chinese people. it it more convenience for us to contact out parent. so social media it effect our life and we cannot live without social media.




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