Mar 29th in class writing

group member: Shuai Meng, Kaiting Zhou, Qiaodan Lou

Chinese culture is very different than american culture.

old Chinese culture is very typical,

most Chinese women wants to be stay housewife.

but according to Solnit essay, only 20 percent women in the us wants to be a housewife.

with the development of education,  modern Chinese start to realize their value, and they can be as good as men. so in modern family, men and women are play equal rule, they all earn money to support their family.

Question 1: two side

China: Chinese today is like in smally family unit, parents has job, so their parents are taking over the kid care.

Uganda: traditional family got influence from Europeans. Traditional family live in “dumb” life. But with the influence of other colony contries, they starts to live a mordern life. 64% of the member of house are female. That is very impressive. They gets a lots of power and start to take charge of the society.  So it is totally different now.


You are my horizon of the most beautiful clouds,let me heart to stay you。

you are the most beautiful people I have ever seem, I want to keep you with all my heart.



Mar 27th in class writing

In Qiao’s response, i can tell nowadays China family cultural is looks like a circle. After the parents gave birth to the child. approximately 80 percent Chinese parents will gave their child to their parent’s parent. Their natural parents are going to make money to pay alimony. After child grow up, their grandma and grandpa becomes cannot take care of themselves in their life. So, its turn around, that child have to take care their grandma and grandpa, also have to take care of their parents.  Even we grow up already, but in parents’ eyes, we’ll always be a child.

Mar 24th in class writing


in my essay, i think i used well example to support the idea, also i use my own example to support. it can be more strongly to support the idea.

the things i need to improve is grammar, and some places i need to add more detail.

the grammar i have to improve is verb tense mixing present and past verbs.



Mar 3th in class Freewriting and general idea

i dont know which essay i will choose, i have no ideal at least now. i probably will change what i choose.

“The Changing Face of America” written by Haya El Nasser briefly talk about what US changed in recent 20 years and how is the face of America changing. it is easily to see that US population gain approximate 88 million people; Hispanics are the largest minority; An increasing number of American live in the cities or near cities instead of country. I agree all these, America is become more diversity in recent 20 years. After all, the US is a huge immigrant country with its immigrants from carious countries and regions across the world. We all know that Trump has been president of the US. And he said that will build a wall between US and Mexico boundary to control illegal immigrant. This is an insult to Mexico.


size of canada, 9.98 million square kilometers, its a climate, winter. canada speak two language, english and french. country

population indian american, traditional country. aboriginal people.


beijing city

the capital of china. is the third largest city in the world. beijing people speak mandrian.

beijing tian an men square, the great wall.

March 1st in class writing

Response: Shuai Meng

Author: Qiaojian Hu

Summary for Jian’s Response

According to Jian’s response. At first, he said his stereotype of culture is Asian is smart, but it not the truth in China. It is totally opposite. And illustrate that only good student can go abroad. Finally, he use his own example to support that he is smart because he study hard.