Mar 29th in class writing

group member: Shuai Meng, Kaiting Zhou, Qiaodan Lou

Chinese culture is very different than american culture.

old Chinese culture is very typical,

most Chinese women wants to be stay housewife.

but according to Solnit essay, only 20 percent women in the us wants to be a housewife.

with the development of education,  modern Chinese start to realize their value, and they can be as good as men. so in modern family, men and women are play equal rule, they all earn money to support their family.

Question 1: two side

China: Chinese today is like in smally family unit, parents has job, so their parents are taking over the kid care.

Uganda: traditional family got influence from Europeans. Traditional family live in “dumb” life. But with the influence of other colony contries, they starts to live a mordern life. 64% of the member of house are female. That is very impressive. They gets a lots of power and start to take charge of the society.  So it is totally different now.


You are my horizon of the most beautiful clouds,let me heart to stay you。

you are the most beautiful people I have ever seem, I want to keep you with all my heart.



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