March 9th in class writing

Wikipedia is more general. it is edited by lots of people compare to traditional research source sometimes can only be seen by a small number of people. it included more people’s understanding toward the term no matter it is correct or incorrect. this made Wikipedia more general. however, just like i have said, sometimes, it could be incorrect since no one verify the correctness of the content. it could cause misunderstanding sometimes.


Feb 16 in class writing

from a interview with Helen Mar, I found some hint of the experiences of an international student. According to Jerry (2010): “…” (p.23).

Gebhard, Jerry. (2010). What do international students think and feel? Adapting to U.S. college life and culture. Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press.


Idaho Boise said: “…” on a telephone interview with Helen Mar (Boise 2011).


Toni Mack said this on his book: “…” (Mack 1997).

Mack, Toni. (1997). Culture shock. Forbes(pp.188-190). 



Jan 26 in class writting

Meaning of name assignment

-In Chinese, people’s name goes by family name first and then given name. My name will be Shen Hao. This name is homonymic to the Chinese word “very good”. Just like the meaning, they want me to be good. I heard from my parents that this name was given by my grandparents that they look through the dictionary and find my given name which is not used a lot by people in their life.

-In Chinese, my name is also homonymic to one animal —— mice. So, sometimes, my friends use this as my nickname. At the beginning, I dislike this name and forbid them to call me by this. But, after a while, I was getting used to whatever they used to call me. It is just a nickname and we only call others by his nickname when we are familiar to each other. In America, I found it is difficult for Americans to call my full name. I used to have one English name, but after a while, I found my first name is much more easier to remember and say for them. After that, I gave up the English name and goes by Hao.

-I haven’t changed my name before.

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