February 2, 2018

Patricia, August, Hector


  • People who are similar to one another, whether it be through race, religion, or background, tend to group with one another because they hold something that they can relate to.
  • ¬†We tend to judge or discriminate others who are different from us, but if we were all the same, no one would be unique or have a unique perspective to his/her identity.


  • We found that our group didn’t really have any differences, we all had very similar ideas when it came down to the identity and cultures of these different groups of people.

An individual has a unique perspective in his/her response to the issues on identity and culture based on their experiences and backgrounds because everyone grew up in different households, and in different regions of the world. People have experienced different situations because there are so many factors that contribute to one’s sense of identity and culture. Some of these factors may include one’s race, gender, religion, political affiliation, etc. These factors have contributed to our differences in our response to issues on identity and culture.


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