February 7, 2018

Essay #1 DiscussionĀ Hector BustosĀ 

For essay 1, I will have to write and record a non-fiction audio essay. This essay will reveal who I am as a person and any other important aspects of my life. This essay will also allow me to explain my experiences in facing identity, cultural, and racial issues. Throughout the course of the audio essay, there must be some sort of music or soundtrack playing in the background. The music I choose may reflect a significant period/event/situation in my life.

Some challenges that I may face are choosing the right soundtrack that I feel will best represent my situation, being vulnerable to my audience when explaining any personal experiences I have faced, and finally, editing all of my audio contents. The greatest strength I have when writing and presenting this essay is that the topic of the essay is all about me. No one knows me better than I do, so the essay shouldn’t be too challenging, especially when talking about situations that have happened to me.


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