February 12, 2018

Audio Essay Script Prep

Hector Bustos

My story is about my feelings towards my ethnicity and culture. I grew up in Santa Ana where over 80% of the city’s population is Hispanic/Latinx. I have always been extremely immersed in my culture and for that reason, I am incredibly proud to be a Mexican American living in Southern California. Santa Ana is a world of its own. It is located in Orange County, but it is much different than the rest of Orange County. When one steps into the borders of Santa Ana, they quickly feel the welcoming environment of La Plaza and Calle Cuatro (downtown). In recent years, I have grown even prouder of being a product of Santa Ana, especially because the rest of Orange County is so different. With the rise of Trump’s Popularity in Orange County, there were instances where I, and many of other Santanians felt scared for the legal status of our friends and family. I wasn’t always as involved and intrigued by politics until my freshman year in High School. Before then, I did not know that Orange County was an extremely right-wing conservative county. It was a difficult time for me because I lived in fear that my mom and I would one day be stopped and racially profiled or harassed by white police officers, or any other members of the white community. With the popularity of Trump in Orange County, it was difficult to distinguish who I could confide in, especially when it came to my friend’s and families’ legal status. The police have always dominated the city of Santa Ana, and have been given a lot of money and power because of the corrupt mayor currently serving in office. ICE has also been seen numerous occasions, tearing families apart. After experiencing, reading, and watching videos of white police officers tearing families apart in this hispanic-majority community, I was scared of being a hispanic male walking alone late at night. I had lost the identity and culture that I held so dear to me before the rise of Donald Trump.

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