March 27 in class writing

In ZhiYi’s response, I found one thing I did not realized at the first time. She had mentioned new generation’s love to their parents. It is the kind of love to give back. In Chinese culture, it is very important for children to not only take parents’ love, but give back their love. Especially, after their parents getting older, they need to spend more time with their parents rather than focus on making money.

In my childhood life, I also have the same experiences of parents busy with making money and I live with grandparents or other people.


Tianjin Goubuli Baozi (天津狗不理包子)

There was a farmer in the countryside of Tianjin whose son was born when he was 40. He named the baby “Gouzi” (狗子) or “baby dog.” Gouzi went to Tianjin to apprentice in a steamed buns shop when he was 14. He learned the skills and later opened a stall selling steamed pork buns or boazi (包子 ). His baozi was so soft and fragrant that he soon became very successful and attracted many patrons. Gouzi was always busy with his business that he had no time to talk to his customers. Then, people started saying “Gouzi doesn’t talk when he’s selling his baozi (狗子买包不理人)” and so people started calling him “Gou Bu Li” (狗不理), meaning he never paid attention to people or just simply ignore them.

The dish’s name in direct translation is Sliced Lungs of Couple, but it does means to eat couple’s lungs. So, for better understanding what it is , people also translate the name into Sliced Beef and Ox Offal in Chili Sauce:

Background story: It is a famous dish in Sichuan Province. In the 1960s, a couple 郭朝华【Guo Zhaohua】 and 张佃敏【Zhang Dianmin】 who opened a stand at 长顺街【Changshun Street】 in Chengdu became famous for making tossed sliced beef and ox offal in sauce. Their beef slices looked bright in color and had a distinct taste from those of other vendors. Because of their delicious dish, prospering business, and harmonious husband and wife relationship, their slices were called Fuqi Feipian.






member: Hao, LOUQIAODAN, Liang

Mar 24 in class writing

  1. Professor pointed out some place where I need more specific examples. in those place, I have not think about.
  2. I need to improve my grammar and try to find more example too support my point.
  3. I will try to find more specific example and add to the essay to support the point.
  4. I will pay more attention to my grammar mistake (mixing past and present tense).

March 6 in class writing


Beato, G. (2014). The myth of economic immobility. In R. Atwan (Ed.), America

     now: Short readings from recent periodicals (pp. 344-347). Boston, MA: Bedford/

     St. Martin’s.

article author. (year). article title. In editor(Ed.), book name(page number). city, state: publisher name.

March 3 in class writing

free writing:

  • connect American Dream with problem in free speech or education or hard working.
  • does American dream over?
  • does free speech a lie?
  • summary two essay and common on the essay (my own opinion)


  1. introduction: introduce the two essay, talk about the point I want to compare
  2. BP1: summary first essay
  3. BP2: response
  4. BP3: summary second essay
  5. BP4: response
  6. BP5 (optional): connect two essay together and give anther response
  7. conclusion

March 1 in class writing

summary for Qingfen Chen.

I am agree with her opinion. Chinese parents always gave their children a lot of work outside the class. This eliminate children’s time. They do not have time to do what they want to do. If I was a parent, I won’t give my children this much work. Also, the stereotype people gave to Asian is wrong. Asian does not born to be extraordinary. She also believes the same thing I believes. She thinks Chinese parents gave their children too much homework. Also, wrong stereotype gave people extra stress and pressure.

Fed 10th in class writing

Through out history, blacks being called “Negro”. They do not want to be called “black” because “black” means bad luck, which refers to black cat. However, after 1963, they began to accept “black”. They believed that’s what they are. It is because they do not want to lost their identity and to fight back with the things being called black and the people who put the people did not vote right on the black list.

Fed 8 in-class writing

  • The author wants to show that her mother’s English is poor.
  • I learned from celebrity’s book. We read their books and tried to imitate their tone. In writing, I also imitate some of their words in book as a process of learning.
  • I have joined a ESL program in Northeastern University in Boston. In that program, my English skills gained a significant breakthrough compare to what I leaned in China. In the program, I have take some of the pre-college course and ESLG course. Those courses not only improved my English skills, but taught how American college life looks like, which allowed me to prepare it before I enter into university.


  • group member: Hao, Lulu, Kaiting