April 24 in class writing


it is a tv show that shows the life stories between 10 young people. it is more like a comedy because most of the stories are making people laugh. those ten young people are 10 young people lived in city. they are represent most of the young people in china. it is like “two broken girls” in Chinese version.

there are 4 main women character in the show. they haveĀ  been represented equally than the male character in the show. the female character almost have all the characters of modern Chinese young girls. they are capable of everything woman can do, even some of the man’s work. there’s one female character. she is very “strong”. not only in physical, but also in mental. she earns a phd degree, which is very hard to get. she always want to be the best in every aspect. in this case, she has been consider “impossible to get married”. this is because she is so “strong” that few men can beat her.




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