May 1 in class writing

  • Reality shows are some of the best shows on television because it always tell me the truth and it always enlighten me at some points.
  • the ways to approach a successful marriage requires patience, good communication and a sense of humor.
  • the university has cut many budget because it lack of revenue and other project requires large budget.
  • community volunteer work will help you make more friends and improve you communication skills.
  • my year of training taught me what’s more important than the Olympic ski team are discipline, time management, focus and participate.


why different between gender? physical and mind. history: ancient, man: hunt; women: collecting fruit. modern: movement, saying: there’s no absolute equality.

comparison: past compare to present.

source: Chinese movie, Red Cliff.

2 ancient women character — women’s role in Chinese culture.

present: iPartment. comedy, tv show

2-3 women character, modern character


compare differences

reflection and own experiences


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