Feb 5th in class writting

Response to Jenna’s Feb 5th reading response.

Jenna read Miller’s “Scenes and Un-Scenes: Class Dismissed” and “Black and Blue” very well. She hold a strong feeling after she read “Black and Blue”. Although she knew this topic before, she has never thought or realized the seriousness of it. InĀ Arizona, there’s kids do the same thing thatĀ Garnette talked about in the article. But she does not agree or like this kind of doing. I did not think this much when I read Garnette’s essay. I was treat this essay as a normal kind of essay which talk about racial topic again. I did not view it with my own experiences.

For the audio essay, she believes that this new form of essay can express something that the normal essay cannot, such as the emotion and feeling when the author construct the essay.

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