April 30 in class writing

write a quote with APA style citation.

“Among youths, the prevalence of obesity decreased with increasing level of education of the head of household: 21.6% (high school graduate or less), 18.3% (some college), and 9.6% (college graduate) (Cynthia p.1)”. this indicated that there are less people can earn higher education level.

Cynthia L. Ogden, Margaret D. Carroll, Tala H. Fakhouri, Craig M. Hales, Cheryl D. Fryar, Xianfen Li, David S. Freedman. (2018).Prevalence of Obesity Among Youths by Household Income and Education Level of Head of Household.

April 27 free writing

compare between America and China, biases of manual work and office work. why this way? does America has similar biases? if so, what biases? how it formed. how is it different than Chinese one. why people think in this way? is there misunderstanding? college education??? office work = college education? what are the required education level of manual work and office work? does college education is still required for office work? why is it? other way to obtain knowledge?


low education level = manual work? bias for manual work require less knowledge and mental work require high education level. some manual work also require high technic or a lot of experiences. school can teach you how to get those experiences but not just teach you the experiences directly.

April 25 in class writing

for the points we have discussed, we have mentioned a point about America want to remove the foreign factory in other country. we discussed that was a cruelty to the workers in those factory. they are not normal labor by skilled worker and in order to catch up with the agenda, they have work very hard and we cannot imagine the things they have experienced. however, on the other side, this offered some new opportunity to wherever the place that the factory is going to be in the future. the local employment will increase and the economy will also grow due to the investment of some big company. especially i heard that the government want the factory to move to US in order to bring more job opportunity to the society.

April 18 in class writing

i researched some examples in China about homeless and i found a big part of them are elder. compare to America, there are more elder homeless in China then America. i believe one of them reasons is because people did not give enough attention to the elder people. compare to the essay “Home and Hope”, the renter has been eviction by the owner because they cannot pay off the rent. there are a lot differences. in China, the reasons of becoming homeless also include children have encounter some accident and they lose their arm or leg. after they grow up. they cannot work so they lose their income and become homeless.

April 9 in class writing

Hao, Midori

content of the video: 3 parts

  1. introduce our school and our cs department (website slogan, video of our school or classroom, tutoring center)
  2. why we want to choice cs (bring in data and book references here. professor or past students interview if could)
  3. why we want to choice usf? what is our differences to other school? (bring the rest part of the interview)

Hao will research the data we need and Midori will edit the video.


March 26 in class writing

i was born in a Chinese family. my family have the traditional idea of “the only way of success is studying”. my mother got a great job by graduated from a famous university. my uncle became a doctor by a PHD degree in his university. my mom usually use some stories to teach me to study hard so i can find a “office job” and do not need to work in the field. those stories are the stories from her college year and her childhood year.

in china, our fundamental education is very good. the government enforce the “9 year fundamental education” policy which children can get free 9 year of education. the education is from primary school to middle school. in addition, they value science study very well. for example, the math knowledge we learned in middle school i can still use them in American university. American university is still learning the thing we learned in middle school or high school, which we already familiar.


Feb 26 in class writing

To talk about Chinese food, the first thing people remembered should be dumplings. the reason dumplings are this famous in Chinese culture is because it represent a famous festival, which is the spring festival. just like the charismas in America, spring festival is the time family getting together and having a big meal. it is the cross point of every year in the lunar calendar. people getting together to celebrate for it. dumpling also represent good welling to the new year. this good willing is not only for themselves, but al for their families.

Feb 21 in class writing

when i first got America, i have been “tokenized”. i was in a high school. in class group working, i made a impression that Chinese are good at math on other American students because i was good at math. i make less mistakes. i calculate number faster than American students. i know how to calculate numbers correctly. usually, we do not need to check the numbers i calculated. but for other numbers calculated by American students, we need to check them carefully because there could be serious mistakes and this will effect our group score.

Feb 12th in class writing

my audio will be about the year I “truly” started my study aboard. i will talk about my first two years experiences of studying in a private high school in Washington. then, i will talk about the after 1 year i spend in Boston, which was the year i start my college year. i began to make friends and experienced new things different than things i know before. those things made huge impact to my personal identity and social value.

throughout all this years, i have encountered lots of culture shock. i also learned a lot from those events. for example, i learned that how discrimination look like. i know how we should perform in school.

Feb 9th in class writting

different life style for children live in china and America

high school

what i learned from american high school. what i have learned from chinese high school. purely knowledge vs. how to be manage ourselves, multitasking, important skills we need to live in this society.

what do we do in the school in both america and china. after class sports, social life vs. in class studying

what form my social identity on the high school period on literate narrative. reading and writing on american books

right or wrong for each kind of education. pro and cons. advantages and disadvantages.




culture shock —— chinese high school life —— american high school life

sport             sprots?                                          after class sports

academic         knowledge                               reading and writing                          social life      social life being occupied by studying?      prom, volunteer, etc