February 5th, 2018

Summary to Alexa Tapia’s response for Feb, 5th:


In Alexa’s review, her main point and opinion was exactly the same as mine. Our main point would be that in the article by Garnette Cadogan, the author’s main point was that in Jamaica all people were scared to walk down the streets because of the violence and gangs found around those areas, but, in New Orleans people were scared of Garnette because he was colored. So the major difference is that he was discriminated against because of his color while in Jamaica everyone was scared to walk alone. We both agreed that this is an issue faced by many colored people in the world, a stigma that has to go away because it is disrespectful. Alexa included her own latino roots ( I also have latino roots), and explained how colored people and latinos receive the same stigmas. Again, Alexa’s main point in the Unscene article was the same as mine. The social class system is a taboo subject that many people refuse to confront, therefore, we do not see a change.


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