February 9th, 2018

I think an important point I will like to talk about in my audio essay would be the development of my literacy in my life. As a young girl, I had to learn how to speak English while I was living in Denmark, since most people there only spoke English or Danish.After living in Denmark a few years, I moved to Mexico where I had to focus on creating a good level of speaking of Spanish to flourish in my school,. I remember feeling very disappointed with myself because I needed extra help in order to keep up, so I always viewed literacy as pain, I did not really enjoy it. A few years later when I was about 11, I started really loving writing. I used to write small books (about 300 pages), about love stories and adventures, even though these books had giant letters and spelling grammars, I felt very proud. That’s when I feel in love with creative writing. Creative writing to me, is a source of expression, an outlet that helps me let everything out. To be honest, I haven’t written in a while. I used to get home from school and run to my room, lay on my bed and write small stories, now I rarely do this. I think I have t0 remember the way writing makes me feel, I have to reconnect with ┬ámy creative side and start writing again, because not only did it make me feel good, it made me feel alive…


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