feb 12th, 2018

I will be speaking about the differences of the countries I have live in (Brazil, Denmark, Mexico and US) and how these countries have shaped me and my personality growing up. I will start by mentioning I was born in Brazil, but I do not consider myself Brazilian. I will not speak as much about Brazil as the other countries. I will center on the hardships of the transitions as a girl and as a teenage girl entering new environments and the feelings and experiences both hard and good, that made me stronger or in some cases, more insecure. For Denmark I will center on being a young girl in a country were the main language was Danish and seeing my parents divorce.

For Mexico, I will speak about me at an age of 7, how adapting to my school Puerto Aventuras was, and the growing up aspect of transforming into a teenage girl. I left for Kentucky when I was 14, therefore, I will speak about being  the “new Girl” at a private high school and experiences that both shaped me to be me. After that, I will mention Florida, where I lived for a year, and had a very bad time, I  will speak of the way my insecurities peaked that year and the emotional struggle I faced both in school and out of school. Then, moving back to Mexico and how I grew my last years there.

In general I will focus on my growth as a person in all countries, how I left them each with a learnt lesson and tougher skin. My experience in each country was very different, but even the worst of experiences I would never take back, because even though this sounds super cheesy, they have made me so much stronger.


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