april 30th 2018


“A large segment of the American workforce is the manual labor population, which has, in the past, most especially during the industrial revolution, was comprised of an immigrant population. This industry has also been traditionally and overwhelmingly male, regardless of race. Minorities have had a historically occupational disadvantage relative to non-minority workers in the American workforce, and some of these patterns of occupational inequality between the groups continue today. Stereotype threat is ultimately the presence or perception of a stereotype. Stereotype threat concludes that not only is there a stereotype present, but that there is a fear that one’s behavior will confirm a stereotype of a group that one identifies with.” (Flanagan, 2011). This academic article speaks mainly about the discrimination or stereotyping in labor forces and how this can affect the workers mental heath and ability to preform. I like this article for my paper because even though it does not reference manual labor specifically, I can use this information to talk about the effects stereotyping has on ones ability to work and psychological state, to prove my main thesis.


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april 27th 2018

What are some of the stereotypes about manual labor or white-collar work (which Crawford calls knowledge work)? What are the social scripts that teach us to define and evaluate this type of labor? In your view, are these attitudes accurate or fair? Why or why not? How do you apply such concepts to your own experiences with work? How much of conversation or dialogue do you encounter regarding the relationship between work and social class in general?

There are many stereotypes when it comes down to speaking about manual labor. Some of the stereotypes about Manual labor faced in our society would be that people that have these types of jobs do them because they did not receive an education or because their level of intelligence is less than others. As a society, we have been raised feeding in to the social scripts are community tells us to be, the imaginary rules set upon what it takes to be successful. What we haven’t realized yet is that there are many different types of successful people in their world, not all people believe sitting in an air conditioned office is being successful. Since we were young, we always heard people speaking about the importance of college and the SAT, or the “best years of your life will be college” speech. What people forget to mention, is that happiness does not only depend on what college we attend or the grades we receive in high school. As a society, we have made ourselves succumb to the idealistic measure of what it takes to be on the right track, and that is were everything has gone wrong with our minds. We have to open our minds to the idea that maybe and just maybe, we do not have to achieve perfection or the ultimate money making job, we just have to find what makes each of us tick or feel that rush of excitement when we wake up in the morning, For some people it is arriving on time at their office, and for others it is that simple excitement of fixing a cars motor.


april 25, 2018

Once a while back, I worked as a hostess at a restaurant in Mexico, Playa Del Carmen. I would stand in the sun for about 7 hours, with no breaks and no water provided or food. I was very trying, and strangers would come up to me and make me uncomfortable with things they said to me or the way they acted. I cannot begin to compare this job to a warehouse job, because to me, there is no comparison. A warehouse Job is dangerous and life-threading, whereas, the job I had was just not a good one per say. When I think about what people at warehouse jobs have to go through, I get very sad. I feel sad that as a society, we have not put as a number one priority human rights. Why human rights? Well, many people that work in these demanding jobs do not obtain the same human rights as other people because they exposed to toxic chemicals, dangerous machinery, no breaks and long 11 hour shifts. As a society, we have learn to enjoy too much from companies such as Amazon, and pay endlessly while the people behind the job suffer. I connect this understanding to what people in these jobs have to go through every single day, social class divided unfairly. With social class, comes life treating jobs and unfair hours and work. We have to stop avoiding this conversations and start paying attention to this treatment, because if we don’t, we will never end this suffering.


april 18th

in Mexico:

” Marginalized Minorities and Homeless Especially Hard-hit by Mexico’s Quake”. MEXICO CITY, Sep 27 2017 (IPS) – Maricela Fernández, an indigenous woman from the Ñañhú or Otomí people, shows the damages that the Sept. 19 earthquake inflicted on the old house where 10 families of her people were living as squatters, in a neighbourhood in the center-west of Mexico City. The residents of the house, including 16 children, set up a tent on the sidewalk, where they take shelter, cook and sleep while looking after their battered house and belongings inside. “This would be an example of some of the issues that many Mexicans have been facing due to the countless earthquakes, homelessness is a very bog issue that I have seen for myself every single day. especially In Mexico City, you walk down the streets and see the extreme poverty found.

This is just an example of some of the current issues faced in Mexico City.

another example would be :

“Officials in the northern Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo are expected to evict homeless residents of the downtown quarter soon. Juan Ernesto Rivera Gomez, civil protection director, said the operation will proceed with the participation of the local fire department and Tamaulipas state police.

Rivera said between 30 and 40 men have erected a tent city in a section of downtown, while a woman has set up camp on another corner and challenged previous efforts to relocate her by filing a human rights complaint. The Nuevo Laredo official added that homeless individuals panhandle the public and then consume alcohol.”

The presence of homeless deportees in Nuevo Laredo, a city known for its frequent outbursts of narco-violence, raises the issue of what happens to migrants sent back to Mexico from the United States.

In Mexico, the issue of homelessness Is a very prevalent issue that many natives have to face. In the  it states:

According to an article by The Huffington Post, poor people in Mexico make up half of the country’s population. “While the number of people living in extreme poverty fell… many more Mexicans are now worse off than they were when former President Felipe Calderon entered the last two years of a six-year term in which poverty swelled by nearly 3 percent”, the article states.

It is estimated that approximately 15,000 children live on the streets of Mexico City. Many children prefer such a lifestyle due to family disintegration and physical abuse, which are symptoms of poverty itself.


march 26th, 2018

I have been affected by class, race and culture in relation to my education in  many ways. When speaking about my culture and were I come from, my school years in Mexico were very different than those here at uSF. The education in my high school was more relaxed and the teaching method was surely based more on projects and presentation than exams and quizzes. My teachers had a very familiar tone with all the students because there culture in Mexico if very warm and united, at least were I am from. Therefore, when moving here, my culture has affected my individual learning in class because I am still not very familiar with this silent, extreme learning style. Class, has also affected my learning in the sense that I am very aware there are people who cannot afford a private university like others can. Class has become a very transparent and hard subject to process, I notice the great imbalance and justice found in class in relation to education and learning,

I have also over the years, become very aware of race and the stigmas and stereotypes that come with it. It was never a subject I personally focused much on, until I lived in Kentucky. I was known as “The New Mexican girl” before I even attended my first day of class in Colligiate. I noticed that many black students stuck in their own group and white people with people similar to them. Coming form Mexico were typically we are mostly all Mexican in school, it was very rare for me to visually understand these divisions and racial barriers.


march 5th

In the website Us news, it states that the top university is Princeton. Basically what I noticed from this website is obviously that they placed ivy leagues such as “best school” and were the highest ranking universities. After Princeton, ranked number two follows Harvard, and after that university of Chicago. Another major factors about these colleges what the expensiveness of them, around 54,000 dollars.

furthermore, when investigating on the website called Times Higher Education, I noticed it did not start with a #1 ivy league “elite” university. The first ranked university on this website is the University Of Oxford. This institution is also known for being “elite” and prestigious, and takes place in Europe. I noticed that in b0th my research, it bases a lot of its eliteness of students intelligence, this meaning, that most ‘smart people” are accepted. But, being “smart” does not only depend on being book smart. These elite colleges overlook the importance of measuring other types of intelligence, artistic abilities, etc. There are so many components that there is to examine. Also, the prices on this colleges are way over the price range that many students can afford, this meaning that even though someone from a lower income is passionate about attending this School and is accepted, the likelihood of that person being able to actually attend is very dim. Why is education so expensive?A reason there is so much power behind an Ivy League school is because of its name. So many people get granted good job opportunities based solely on the factor that they attended an ivy league, even though there are people that are also smart. The networking system behind this institutions is concrete.

This information made me learn that it is not necessarily correct to say that ivy leagues are ‘Better” than other schools, because truly, the power they behold is within their name.







march 2nd

group: Karla Nuñez, Costa Aguirre and Isabel Benito


When reading the scenes unscenes section, most of us agreed that we resemble Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want” poster of Thanksgiving. All our group spends thanksgiving with friends and family, laughing and sharing a rather large turkey. We also agreed that the portrait that least resembles our common thanksgiving would be the consumption portrait, none of us resembled with this portrait at all.

Karla is Mexican but grew up in the United States all her life, therefore, she also applies the traditional thanksgiving In her home and customs. Costa Aguirre grew up in La and has also always followed the traditional thanksgiving dinner with friends and family and social gatherings. Isabel grew up in Mexico and since there is not a very big importance to thanksgiving did not always celebrate it. But, many times she did and when she had thanksgiving, she celebrated in the traditional way with friends and family gathered around in a table, talking and laughing.

When speaking of Thanksgiving in relation to class, there are several reasons this holiday would not be too “jolly” for most. People in a lower social class that cannot afford the luxury of a large turkey and a roof over their heads, cannot celebrate this holiday. Therefore, it is clear that most higher and middle classes are the only ones able to celebrate thanksgiving.


February 26, 2018

Eating habits:

In my Mexican culture, foods we often eat contain fresh fish, we call this “mariscos”, we at tacos de carne, res, pollo, etc. Even though we enjoy this foods we also eat a lot of the normal foods everyone else eats, like pasta. Pasta is one of my favorite meals. My secret eating habits though involve “papas preparadas”. This snack is basically chips, with Valentina, tajin, limon, and it is intended to fill the plate with spicy sauces and chips, this making a delicious Mexican snack. In my house something you always tend to hear form me and my sister is, “papas preparadas?”. I feel like papas preparadas do represent a snack many Mexican people enjoy, and they represent our culture’s love for spicy foods and the acid taste of lemon.

A way foods represent our Mexican identities is simply the love for tacos. When you walk down Mexican streets, you always tend to see tacos stands, taco restaurants, and we Mexicans are proud of them. I have to admit, the tacos I have tasted in the United States do not compare to how they taste in my country, maybe this is also just my Mexican pride. People always identify tacos with Mexico.


February 23

Team: Maddie, Rosalie and Isa B.



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February 21, 2018

When I moved to Kentucky, for the first time in my life I was faced with many ignorant comments thrown towards me. I remember that was the first time I felt identified as “The Mexican” instead of Isabel. It was the first day of school and I watched as people stared at me and came up to talk to me. Since I lived in a community were new people was not such a common thing, I understood why I got a lot of attention.


A remember these guys were talking to me and one asked me, “Do you know what youtube is?,” after that the other guys continued to ask em questions like that, but, what scared me the most is I think they were truly asking me them. Another guy joined in and asked me, “Do you run  cross country?.” I was stunned while they laughed and laughed. I had never been faced with those comments before in such a small lapse of time, that was the first time I felt like an alien.

People perceived me as a Mexican girl who rode to school in donkeys and did not have any internet or any knowledge about the pop culture in the world. It astounded me that in a world were it is so easy to click on google and find information, I was still faced with such embarrassing and ignorant questions.