February 2017

Group2 – In Class Assignment

Group 2:


Qiaojian Hu




Which racial or ethnic group were hugely supportive of Hillary Clinton in 2016 election ? Which group helped win the election for Donald Trump ?


From the graph given by Pew Research Center, Black and Hispanic are the major supporters for Hillary Clinton. Trump’s supporters are mostly White people, because his policies are beneficial for White race. It also shows that women supports Hillary more than men, mainly because Trump’s views and perspectives towards woman are degrading, as can be seen from his speech and interviews in medias. In conclusion, we can say that people who supports Trump are mostly racist or extrimist, and do not want to accept diversity in their community. Some business people also supports Trump because they gain benefits if he’s the president. Hillary’s supporters are mostly people that are minority in the U.S. and people that refuse to accept Trump’s policies because it is selfish and can leads to chaos or danger.

Feb24 – In Class Writing


Do you agree that universities have the same obligation to uphold diverse voices that you might expect of our government ? Why or why not ?


From the question, I completely agree because university is a place where tolerance towards diversity lies. It is also one of the factors to a great university.  According to Bloomberg (2014), “Diversity of gender, ethnicity, and orientation is important. But a university cannot be great if its faculty is politically homogeneous” (p.105).  Having a diverse community in university is an effective way to create better ideas and solutions to one another. Diversity should not be seen as something to differentiate one individual to another. It is a path to achieve more and better knowledge of the world, because having diverse voices are essential towards our process of learning. In conclusion, diversity should not be seen as something negative because it is actually a crucial aspect to self improvements and to create an active, lively, and effective environment of learning.


FEB22 – In Class Assignment


  1. CS – The chickens on campus play a famous role for our school. They make us unique.
  2. R – What if the chickens laid eggs and hid them somewhere ? They would get left behind.
  3. CS – The chickens bring laughter to our students. Without them, we’d be an ordinary school.
  4. CS – I remember after my first class, I was leading out to the bookstore. Unfortunately, I stepped on the chickens’ dump.
  5. R – Right now, there are many chickens living freely on campus, but many professors don’t want chickens.
  6. R – Chickens should not be allowed to live freely on the campus. They cause stinky odors, make noise, and no one wants to clean after.
  7. R – Anytime students want to lie down on the lawn, they need a place that looks clean and have a fresh air. Therefore, they can not take a nap or study.
  8. CS – But, I strongly disagree with that opinion. Chickens should not be allowed on campus at all.
  9. R – During the time, students are in the lab. If the chickens make a lot a noise, the students won’t focus to do their job.
  10. R – In conclusion, if the chickens live freely on campus because students let them live free, then these students should clean the chickens mess

Essay1 : Free Writing

Literacy Identity Culture Learning Skills


I developed my language and literacy skills mostly from my family. Sometimes I do have different influences on my language and literacy skills, but mostly it is from my family. My family speaks English daily and I think the best way to learn one’s language is to actually have a conversation with them. Conversation is a very good way of developing our language skills because you will meet the real people and you will have a real experience on expressing your thoughts and ideas in different language. Having to learn another language by just simply based them on the theory would not have a satisfying results. You will have limitations on what you want to express and what you want for people to hear. Sometimes we just have to push ourselves to have a strong urge to want to learn rather than keeping ourselves in our comfort zone all the time. We should have a perspective like this : if there is a tourist in your country and he/she tries to speak your language, even though it is “broken”, you would mostly get and understand what he/she is implying to. Now let’s flip it. If you’re the tourist and let’s say you go to Italy, you wouldn’t be able to speak fluently at first but with a few words in mind and a willingness to learn, people will also understand you as you would understand the tourist that comes to your country. What I’m trying to say is that there’s no need to be awkward or afraid to speak because it will only be a waste of time, while you can develop your skills better and have positive outcomes from it.