In Class Writing – Mar27

Qinfen Chen’s essay (Flora)

From her response, the main idea that she is trying to convey is how the essence of culture always strive to a positive purpose in life. She mentioned that in Chinese culture, it is a common phenomenon where the grandparents take responsibility for their grandchildren, and the parents are responsible for making money and fulfill their children’s live expenses. She also mentioned the contrast between new and old generation in terms of ways of thinking. She believes that as a new generation, we should set aside our selfish thought on life and we should always learn the moral values that our elders taught us, which are kindness and hardworking attitude to become a better person in our life. Personally, I think it is a really good way of thinking, knowing that every culture has their own essential values. In this modern age, those aspects can also be a reminder for us that we should never forget where we came from, because family and cultural aspects shaped us as a character, but most importantly, those aspects always lead us to a better purpose in life.

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