Mar29 – Group In Class Writing

( Flora ) China:

In China, most women tend to have career before married, but after they married, the wife usually works on the household only. Right now is different, women have career and financial income independently. Men in China still have career, but the situation is different, in a sense that role of both men and women changes. Women is somehow more powerful than men career wise. Compared to women, men still have more number career-wise. It is still illegal when we talk about marriage equality, and it is still odd or taboo to perform such way. In the past, women should remarry when they are divorced or being a single mother. Right now, it is acceptable to be a single mother, as long as they can provide financial support to their children

( Serene ) Malaysia:

In Malaysia’s culture, they do not have limitation on roles in terms of having a career. Both men and women can pursue their career as an individual. Knowing that Malaysia is a Moeslim country, marriage equality is still banned and illegal to perform, according to their laws and policies that are based on Islamic culture. Also, the society itself cannot accept this condition, so it is still very different compared to Solnit’s essay “More Equal Than Others.”

( Ilias ) Indonesia:

In Indonesia, traditionally, men are responsible in financial aspect to support their family, and women tend to do the household work. As time goes by, both men and women have the same right to pursue their career nowadays. There are a lot of women, supporting their family by doing full-time or part-time job. In terms of marriage equality, since Indonesia is dominated by the influence of Islam, it is still taboo and unacceptable to perform an official same-sex marriage. However, nowadays, there are a lot of people expressing themselves as gay or lesbian, and it is acceptable in the society. What is illegal is only the official marriage equality, not into details of forbidding individuals to express their sexual preferences in public.

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