April 24, 2017

In Class Writing – Apr24

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Ini Kisah Tiga Dara ( The Story of Three Dara )

The Story of Three Dara is an Indonesian musical drama directed by Nia Dinata, a very famous Indonesian film director, and was released on September 1, 2016. The film is inspired by the musical drama of Indonesian legendary director Usmar Ismail’s Three Dara. This film has the same story theme with Three Dara, but there are some story changes to adjust the present condition, specifically about women.


Ever since the mother died, Three Dara were brought by their father, Krishna, to east of Flores in a small seaside town. They built a beautiful boutique hotel, to continue the ideals of the mother. Gendis (32), the first child, has a passion for cooking. All her energies are devoted to culinary affairs. Ella, 28, who is both sociable and friendly, choose to be the head of the public relations and marketing department. Bebe (19), the third child, intelligent, outspoken, and free-spirited. Bebe is also closest to the local people. She often volunteers teaching children in the local elementary school.


The most important aspect of this movie is that it shows the power of women and how women can be leaders in their field of choice. I think this is a very powerful movie, knowing that in Indonesia, inequality can still be seen, even though the majority of the society already knows how women should be seen and treated ideally. However, this film represents Indonesian women as a driving force to success in achieving balance in life. Each female character has their own unique gift, but most importantly they are not limited by stereotypes and conservative thinking, making them equal as men, and equal to deserve the very best things in life as a human being. In conclusion, this movie represents women power and also a proof that women are subjects and leaders, not an object by any means.