April 28, 2017

In Class Writing – Apr28


  1. What skills you may learn & develop when working on this assignment (essay 4)?
  2. What challenges you may face when working on it?
  3. How you plan to organize your essay?


  1. What I may learn and develop are: summarizing multi-page text and synthesize information from multiple related texts, both orally and in writing (reading), paraphrasing, quoting, and citing skills. (academic skills), skill of using the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing) in a multiple draft assignment, to improve iterations (writing), follow with skill of writing coherent texts with topic sentences and supporting details in order to describe, narrate, report and inform (writing), skill to make an argument using different types of support (e.g., description, narration, report, inform)(writing), and finally the skill to recognize and correct some common grammatical and mechanical errors in written texts (writing).
  2. The challenges that I may face might be to combine all different sources together, in order to make one good essay organization, explaining all the important aspects regarding the topic. Other than that, I am looking forward for this assignment, since the topic is relevant and also crucial nowadays.
  3. My plan for the essay’s organization would be to follow the APA format, begin with introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction part, I will briefly explain the thesis statement with transition to the body. In the body, I would explain the topic with points and include visuals to support each point, and finally to conclusion. I want to make it simple yet effective, powerful, and understandable for the readers.