10th Oct 2017

The essay ‘A Dream Deferred’ is by Amber Floyd. In this essay, she talks about the big of illegal immigrant’s kid being stopped from deportation when caught. This meant the children would get citizenship after a certain years. initially it was rejected when presented in 2001. It had greater votes in 2010 but missed the cut by 5 votes.

The reason senators want to avoid this is budget deficit.

“legal residency would then qualify for federal programs such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or food stamps, and federal health insurance exchanges. As a result, the federal deficit would then increase by between $5 billion and $20 billion from the years 2021 to 2061” Pg – 184.
The Stats and figure presented here is a serious threat for the US budget in case the figures are precise.
Contents. (n.d.). A Dream Deferred. doi:10.3726/978-3-0351-0173-7/1
Floyd, A. (2012). Legal residency would then qualify for federal programs such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or food stamps, and federal health insurance exchanges. As a result, the federal deficit would then increase by between $5 billion and $20 billion from the years 2021 to 2061(pp.184). Washington,NY: Self Published.

Oct 9th

Correcting the sentences

1 Solange posed for the picture; the feather on her antique hat framing her ace, but she the waist and collar of the dress a little confining.

2 Before Benjamin applied for a job at Datacorp; he researched the company at the library because he wanted to be well prepared for the interview.

3 Waiting for the tour bus, the family shivered on the windy corner. They had expected warmer weather on their summer vacation.

4 Leland’s motor cycle is his priced possession, but he had to sell it to pay his college tuition.

5 Olivia had never been surfing, so she took lessons. She felt ready to tackle the waves.

6 Pablo has thinning hair, glasses and stopped shoulders. Everyone thinks he is a librarian but he is a meteorologist at an Antarctic research station.

7 Toni gives her son a generous allowance and does not expect any help around the house from him. Toni’s bro  expects his children to do chores, if they want money.

8 Dark clouds gather overhead. While trees toss in the wind but rain dose not fall.

9 Tai wanted to prove her trustworthiness to her parents, so she made it her responsibility to take her younger bro and sister to school.

10 Using a sharp jerk of his wrist; Simon flipped the pancake in the skillet. His uncle taught him this trick when simon was a child.


Sept 29

Saima, Marque Ishaan

Based on our research,

  • it is clear that Hilary has majority support from people of colour where as Donald Trump was majorly supported by the whites.
  • The Graph below shows the distribution amongst  the voters and their ethnic groups.
  • Hilary clearly has more support from other races unlike Donald Trump due to his strong views against immigrant.

20th sept

Ishaan+ Blake + Cheryl 

Reality Tv shows are some of the most influencing shows on television as they create a storyline and enough time to depict it.
A successful marriage requires patience, good communication,a sense of humour and trust because it makes sure the two are connected and open about everything.

People should do community volunteer work in leisure time because it nurtures kindness, respect, and ethics.

Years of ski training taught people discipline, time management, focus, and persistence.

There have been too many budget cuts at this university so that the school does not have enough teaching resources and it affects students’ learning qualities.



The word “schedule caste” in India is referred to people belonging to the backward or lower working class according to the Indian caste system. The Indian caste system was created couple of centuries ago, where the supreme powers and the rich started classifying people and their caste to the job they performed in society. The priests were ranked on the top followed by the kings, the fighter and then the rest. The system was being adhered to strictly since a lot of decades leading to upper caste getting richer and the lower class getting poorer. The Indian government after independence in 1947 created a special reservation system for uplifting the schedule cast by providing them seats in all college and government jobs before all general public. The system worked well the caste system slowly demolished but the “schedule caste” to their own benefit never let the government convert the system to normal. The reservation system effected a lot of well deserving candidates in the general pubic.

The caste system has been vanished to me in the Indian system as we all sit, study and live together but they still use their undeserved privileges to overcome the general public.

Sep 6

Alex + Alex + ishaan+ Raghav


What is the role of language and literacy in the lives of students?


  • The Language and literacy is personally effected by the origin and culture you come from.
  • The essays didn’t  really help us recognise our language but gave us a idea of how different dialect of english is spoken all over the world.
  • Literature is not only about Academic advantage, it gives you an essence of the culture of the particular region you are learning about.

Talk about the high illiteracy rate of the countries an that how english is different in the countries

Isn’t technology benefiting us?

Is technology really making our life easier or making us more dependent on it ?

 Ishaan + Raghav + Ibis + Blake 


  • Global teaching community and communication methods is bringing the world together and more proficient in working.
  • The evolving technology is saving a lot of time in daily routine for everyone.
  • Bringing the world closer with easy communication method.
  • Inevitably, technology has revolutionised the world.
  • Firstly, there is ample evidence to suggest that the technology has made the human life easy going, especially related to connect with friends and the world.
  • Secondly, it is evident that the advancement of technology in the medical field has a positive impact on human life.


  • Loosing our own personal skills in life as we are too much dependent on it .
  • Decreasing human interaction and face to face communication with everyone.
  • Technology is an easy distraction for us. we loose our focus easily on social media.


It’s easy to see why this myth is very seductive even if it is, well, plainly wrong.

The truth is simply this: Technology makes tasks easier, but it does not make our lives easier. Whether we are talking about replacing rocks with washing machines or rotary telephones with mobile video-chat devices, technology, in fact, makes our lives more complicated. To conclude, I believe that the technology has tremendous benefit in our life and had made our life far easier than our grandparent times. This is mainly because of the use of the internet and better health facilities.

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