27th Nov

I would start my essay with introduction of the women rights and freedom. a comparison between the situation now and before 1970 and so. How women being uplifted in the society.

Women in Indian culture. how they are still not at par due to the diverse culture and each family has a different view point.i saw prejudice for women everywhere and thought it is a male dominant society as indians boys were told boys don’t cry. i felt dominant. but then i grew ups and so my mum break the stereotype for me. i think was just not educated enough.  Relate to the article of CSR + women empowerment by huge companies and the challenges they faced while trying to uplift women.

Move on to the movie dangal explain the story with a background of haryana culture. How the girls won everyones heart. connect it to lack of education and  stubble thinking the men have in the society even women.

Talk about the better situation in US. video about the women Gun owners being increasing. and how it can bring equality to society. compare the situation in india to us how education makes adifference.

“I want a wife” explain the benefits a woman brings to a house and the work and dedication they have towards the household.

22 Nov

“Returning to the nest” means returning back where you belong. The American culture has this thing against people living with their parents after a certain age and it is a big social stigma. In the indian culture their is no stigma about any such thing. If you live and work in the same city you can stay with your parents. staying alone totally kills the logic and finances. The Indian culture has that bit of logic to it, which American lacks.

I think the boomerang kids are becoming common as people are trying to get the logic rather than justifying themselves socially.

20th Nov

The picture above is a image of Tavonn Tanner, a 11 year old boy. Who was shot while he was casually  walking with his mother and twin sister. He was in the hospital for several months. The image above has very powerful message embedded in it. The boy is still standing after the bullet ripped his liver and pancreas. The picture had a strong image of how scars are just past memories but not permanent wounds to put anyone down.

Nov 15 2017

The most inspiring movie i have ever watched on women is called ‘Dangal’ which literally means wrestling in english. The movie is a real life incident about a old age wrestling player, who is depressed that he has two daughters and desires to get sons because according to him its a men’s sport.

Soon his daughters get into a fight with boys and beat them up. He realises that his daughters are no less. He puts them into intense training and train them. After few years they both go for the olympics and return with a gold and a silver medal in wrestling.

I feel extremely inspired by this story how to girls can change the thought process of their father and the whole family together can break the stereotype of the whole nation.

Nov 8th

Was unhappy 

Jonathan, is unhappy to have me as part of his family, for he resents he didn’t have both biological parents.

Would complain 

I try to know him better but he complains  that i invade his privacy.


As a newcomer, I got to understand that our relationship will require efforts from both of us.

Was friendly 

I is not enough that i am friendly.

Has to want us to 

Jonathan also wants us tube friends and i am not happy with the two of us being strangers.


Loved them 

Anne Marie collects antique bottles and loves to turn them into works of art.

She liked them

She will buy bottles if she likes them, but prefers to find them in the ground.

She picked them 

She will find bottles everywhere, but she picks them selectively.

That movie  has a fishy meaning

All thumbs  to the team

He got her because money talks.

He’s such a liar, he should go to the dogs

His behaviour is on the line

The scholarly article i read was ‘Gender, Business ethic and corporate social responsibility’. The article talks about the difference between the 3 topics as mentioned in the title. The article explains the thin difference between business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

“Many scholars regard CSR being heavily influenced by business ethics and Carroll’s fourfold typology ethical responsibility as one of its elements including economical, legal and philanthropic responsibility.” This quote from the article sums up the real difference a business has to get between ethics and social responsibility.


Grosser,K. Moon,J. & Nelson, J.A. (2017). Gender, Business ethic and corporate social responsibility. Business Ethics Quarterly, 27(4), 544


27th oct

Saima + John+ Ishaan

The video linked above has these following attributes:

  • It has casual speaking style.
  • There is a chronological oder to the event he is discussing.
  • The voice modulation used in Ted talks make it interesting. It also helps the audience to know where the speaker is going with his ideas.
  • They have timers to track their speech.

25th oct

  1. The reality show follows the live of Bruce and Kris Jenner’s combined family. Most of the episode four on three oldest daughter: Kourtney, Kim and Khole Kardashian.
  2. Bruce Jenner was famous for breaking the world record and wining a gold medal at the 1976 olympics in decathlon. His sons from a previous marriage, Brandon and Brody have also appeared on their own reality show.
  3. The Kardashian’s Father Robert Kardashian was famous for being O.J Simpson’s attorney. His daughters are recognised as American Socialites.
  4. Kim came into national spotlight in 2007 after a sex tape scandal and resulting playboy appearance. The Kardashians fame grew into a profitable reality series.
  5. The show depicts the daily routine of the Kardashians.  It daily features Kourtney, Kim and Khole’s attempt to build their own fashion line.

23th oct

Aggarwal community in India is known to be big misers and are always made fun for not spending money though they are wealthy. This stereotype is very subjective and depends person to person. This is a very light humorous joke and dose not include or insult any religious belief. They tend to misrepresent the culture as not everyone is the same at spending and a lot of them do spend for the societies well being.