In a short, transgender is a term that people use to describe individuals whose gender identity is different than the gender that they were born with. Instead of treating them with the gender they were born with; they are treated by their gender identity. A transgender woman should be referred to as “she” and “her”, and vice versa with a transgender man. Gender identity refers to how an individual feels about themselves on the inside, for example knowing that you are a man, woman, non-binary or genderqueer.

All though the transgender community has made strides into gaining recognition and equality, there are still major issues with discrimination that a transgender people face every single day. According to Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the main issues that transgender people face are: poverty, lack of legal protection, harassment and stigma, anti-transgender violence, barriers to healthcare and identity documents. A majority of the states do not have any laws that protect transgender people. In fact, states such as Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina and many more states passed laws that prohibits transgender people’s rights to go to the bathroom they identify with, having sexual reassignment surgery or allowing businesses to discriminate against them. Because businesses in many states have the power to reject transgender people, many transgender people live in poverty. In the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), 15-percent of transgender people live in poverty–a majority of that are transgender people of color. Not only do transgender people have to live through discrimination and poverty, they also face the fear of being brutally harassed. Many lawmakers use the old stigma of transgender people being mentally ill or defiant to society’s norm as a way to push the laws to further discriminate against transgender people.

Transgender people are discriminated and looked at differently in today’s society. As of June 2016, there are an estimated 1.4 Million people in the United States that identify as Transgender according to Williams Institute. What people don’t know is that the common myths we hear about them are just that, myths. Transgender people are people just like us, they are just seen as different. We isolate this group of people so badly that there are organizations that have been created recently to help motivate them and to ease the transition into society. These include Bloom Healing Project and Center for Transgender Equality. There are also many other websites like Vox and Glaad that diminish myths about transgender people altogether. There are many laws that protect the rights of transgender people in their community related to having kids, using the bathroom, adopting, etc. They are able to do that without regarding to gender.