Brief Audio Essay

The story that I will be sharing is about how I feel about my cultural identity. I was born in Mexico and lived there for 10 years. I went to school there up to the 5th grade and had friends which I still talk to today. When I moved to the US I knew nobody, I started from scratch and to be fair it was hard because I barely understood the idioms let alone the language. I never refrained from learning the languages or all the quirks and crannies of the culture, however, once I got older it got harder to distinguish what part of me was Mexican and which part of me was “American”. When I met people in high school and in college that were latino it seemed that they all had more pride than I had, yet the majority had never visited the place where they are from. I know that there are other facotrs that could have prevented them from visiting, but in my head I thought, “Is there something wrong with me?”


I always saw myself as Mexican because I grew up with the values and traditions. Yet, when I talked to other people it seemed that we were always in a pride competition, like, “Who could be the better Latino”. Now that I am nearing a stage in which I have spent half of my life in one country and the other half on another; the question of my cultural identity has surfaced.