My Dad was the first in his family to get a college degree, my mom was the first female in her family to get her college degree. I don’t beleive in that whole narrative of social class and race affecting your education. If anything it helps me value education more. Both my parents came from very humble and not that well-off upbringings and so for me to believe that class, culture, and race affect individual learning is just not true if anything it’s a lie. People complain sometimes that if they had more money, or if theu went to a better school or had a better upbringing the would be successful. I refuse to believe that. If someone wants to learn and get an education there is no force on Earth that could stop them. There’s a saying Mexico that goes like, “el que quiere, quiere”. Which roughly translates to, whoever wants it, wants it. If you really want somehting you go get and you don’t stop until you do.