My immediate family memebers all have worked in environments where the demand for physical labor was not needed, it was mental and psychological labor what was needed. From making decisions or managing a team it seemed that that the trade off for using your mind instead of your physicality was more useful and better rewarded than anything else. Working with your mind meant that you were able to work longer than with your physicality and I think this is where people draw the main difference between the two types of labor. It is kind of hard to realize that we pladce people in a different perspective when we realize that they do physical work and we immediately assume that they are not smart enough to do other types of work or we assume that they did not go to college. Maybe it’s not that, maybe they did not have access to a college education or that their parents got sick and had to get a job to cover the neccessities. We seem to have increased the grap betweent white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs and have sort of condemmed the blue-collar as more of a job that helps the white-collar job. Just as we value white-collar jobs we should give credit to the physical labor because they are the gears on the machine, whereas the phsychological labor is more of how the gears will be placed, how they will interact, and how to turn them on.