I am not really sure what I am going ot write for this assignment, I know that the main topic for the assignment is to talk about social class and work. I was thinking of exploring the stereotypes that go along certain social classes and the impact it has on them. However, I think that a better way of looking at this is looking at the history of types of work and who tends to do those jobs. Looking at the history of when people started to look at physical labor as work for the poor or non-educated will help me tackle some of the stereotypes that have been built over time. I think that might be a good way to look at the topic and analyze it carefully and not really propose a solution that removes the stereotypes but to understand where they came from and why they were formed.

Another way to tackle this essay is to provide counter examples to the topic, like people that are extremely successful in certain jobs that are not typically associated with their background or ethnicity. By approching the essay this way it might be easier to point out why not many people reach that point in the socioeconomic ladder.


Ideas worth developing:

  • History of social class and work
  • People who have succeeded at the top with poor backgrounds.



Talk about the stereotypes that certain social classes face when it comes to dealing with job types.