Critiquing Education

Firstly, I grew up in the suburbs of the East bay area. I went to a public schools with students that were mostly middle class. There were a few rich kids and some of my friends come from a rich family. When I was growing up, I realized that my family has worked hard to be in the suburbs of Union City and it feels great to earn something. Overall, what I’ve learned from growing up in my family, is that I’ve become a hard worker also during my whole learning experience in my youth.Secondly, the culture in which I grew up in is very Americanized. From Boy Scouts, to Baseball, to Basketball and even to music, my culture has shaped me to who I am today. Thirdly, as an African-American I’ve learned to be just be me because although I am considered a minority, I try everyday to be hardworking just as everybody else.

March 9th

Controversial topic – Gun Control


I believe that Wikipedia is not a credible source for writing a paper because it anonymous. However, that doesn’t mean the information isn’t true. Personally, I’ve been using Wikipedia my whole life just to get information. Also, I believe that Wikipedia is credible in its own way because of the amount of context that is on the topic you search. When I searched Gun Control, Wikipedia gave me the definition and the context from where this idea comes from. In contrast to a traditional research source such as an article, the content can be biased in some ways from the author. Overall, I love Wikipedia because it ‘s like an in-depth dictionary for any topics in the world.


March 5th

Reimagining Educational Practices’


The system of education is corrupt from the rankings, the cost, and to the quality of education. For instance, in the article, “Higher Education and the Opportunity Gap”,”Children born into the top fifth of the income distribution have about twice as much of a chance of becoming middle class or better in their adult years as those born into the bottom fifth (Isaacs, Sawhill, & Haskins, 2008). One way that lower-income children can beat the odds is by getting a college degree.” This supports the fact that less advantaged students have a greater chance in not getting the opportunity for not getting into a private school. In contrast, from Forbes.com, Jacobs describes how a college enhances your career only, “A college education has enhanced my career, but it has not created one.” This supports the fact that we should reconsider the perspective on how we get to success.


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