February 21

Seeing and Being Seen

In the course of my life I have felt tokenized because of my physical appearance because I am tall. For example, playing basketball in my youth days I was seen as a good choice for a team because being tall as a first impression for a basketball player means an advantage. This is all based off of first impression of my physical appearance. Also, I felt used, but in a good way. When people first meet me, I feel like they see me as a tall and slim.

The the perceptions that I think people have of me sometimes is that they think I am shy. However, it’s not that I am shy, it’s that maybe I just don’t want to engage with you in particular. Also, I think of myself as half introvert and half extrovert because I can always adapt to different people and environments based on my mood. I feel that we just live in a judge-mental  society and everyone is always going to have judgements which is also fine. However, when people don’t keep those judgements to themselves and say them to the person, it may be inaccurate or unfair to the person.

February 16th


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February 12th – Audio Essay Script

Audio Essay Script:

My audio essay is about me and who I am as a person. Moreover, this essay will describe how I developed as human being over the course of my youth. Also, this essay will create a short journey to who I aspire to be in life. There will be some conflicts about when I was at my lowest during my path into becoming a adult. Overall, the main part about my essay is that I will share the different teachers who’ve shaped who I am today and helped create my path.

One of the learning experiences I will talk about will be about how I learned from some of my mistakes I’ve made during my journey. Also, I might include what my culture is like in my introduction to offer some cultural understanding to the audience. This narrative will be a short timeline of the main parts and a few important moments in my life. In addition, I plan to make my audio essay connect smoothly together. This may be my favorite essay yet, we’ll see.


February 9th – Free Write

The different teachers who’ve shaped who I am today and helped create my path.

  • My grandmother always taught me to become an adventurous person.
  • My mom has taught me to always try new things.
  • My dad has taught me to always seize every opportunity and taught me the fundamentals in life.
  • My dog helped me to be a better caring person overtime.
  • My brother has always introduced me into the more creative aspects in life and share interesting new things in world.
  • My sister helped me to become a more responsible person in life.
  • My cat has taught me to become more selfish in a good way.
  • My grandfather taught me to become a honest young man.


Outline –


  • Who I am as a person and who I aspire to be.


  • Discuss what my different teachers have taught me.


  • The plan for my future.


February 7th Audio Essay Thoughts

The main expectations for the Audio Essay is to reveal some insights about my life and my friends. I think that this will be an enjoyable essay because I love writing narratives. Some of the strengths I would have during this projects is brainstorming my experiences and making this a thoughtful short audio essay overall. A few challenges I might have would be making my voice project the right way in terms of an audio essay, but I will adjust. This is the first time doing this type of essay, but I am willing to try new things. However, what type of music are we allowed to add other than just natural sounds?

February 5th – Peer Summary Response

In Cooper’s summary, he addresses that Americans seem to convey the idea that they care about social class, but they only care about themselves. Also, he reflects how it amazes him that the color of someone’s skin still affects how someone thinks of them. I agree with the fact that most Americans only care about themselves at the end of the day because American culture can be greedy. In addition, I am also shocked in how there is still racism going on in the world still. Ultimately, I believe that we need to teach our next generation about getting rid of racism.

January 26th Name assignment

The origin of my first name, Isaiah, comes from the bible and was given to me because my parents thought it was special. In the bible, there is a prophet named Isaiah. My middle name, Christopher, comes from my uncle Chris, he died at a young age. I was never embarrassed by my name because it fit perfectly fit who I am as a person. Moreover, as a person, I am very motivational and love sharing inspiration. Overall, I would never change my name because I feel like my name has this spiritual purpose.

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