Presentation 1 Reflection Post

In my opinion, I thought my presentation was better than I thought. Surely there is stuff I can work on such as eye contact with the audience, hand gestures, and body movement. But for some reason, I was a lot more comfortable talking about a topic that I could relate to. In many presentations, most of us try to get it done as quickly as possible as it is just another assignment. However if you are able to intrigue your audience as much as it was to yourself the audience might have something to follow throughout your presentation. So overall thought was a great 1st presentation.

Reading Response Post #1

Why is Credibility key to persuading another person’s point of view? Why do we need facts to back up our statements? Well credibility is the reason why another person has a reason to listen to your ideas. If your information is all factual and made up who is there to pay attention. The difference between a credible speaker to someone who is comfortable in front of a crowd is that you may be confident in what you are saying, but if you are informing factual statements to your audience. What are they benefiting from your presentation. Credibility information like in science is a great simplistic way to strengthen your speech.

Within the Ted talk, Chris Anderson explains the unique individuality of a presenter. He describes as their job to spreading an idea, to create a movement of people. Though everyone has their own world view, and must be taken into accounted for. To keep the crowd attentive limit your talk to just one major idea, stirring your audience’s curiosity will spark their desire to bridge their views to yours, building your idea out of concepts already known tot hem will give them a better understanding, and lastly  make your presentation worth their time.

Another Bike Victim (╥_╥)

Like.. what thief steals a back tire, will never understand. Anyway this occurred on Monday (9/25). Was walking back from the library around 3:00 am back to my dorm and happened to notice this incident. Just letting anyone reading this to be aware that locking bikes on campus aren’t 100% secure, even with our campus security.