Discussion of Video Rehearsals for Project 4

For my video rehearsals, I tried my best to avoid following a script. It is a tendency that I noticed myself when viewing my rehearsal videos for presentations. So going into the presentation, I plan to do my speech on the visuals that I prepared. Instead of following my script, I’ll use the knowledge that that I had adsorbed and went along with that. It would then remove the problem of me constant looking at my phone and script reading. Now that I have visuals it made it a lot easier to describe what I was trying to portray. With images I could stay simple statements and point towards my images. Everything was a lot more concise with my power point slides and it provide to be very beneficial for me as a presenter. Overall, what I’ve taken from previewing my rehearsal videos is, being overly prepared just might set you up for failure. If you go into a speech with the a ready mindset whatever obstacles you face will easily be overcome.

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